The final Americanadian..

my brother!! Can no longer be deported...way to go little bro way to go!
Bummed he didn't dress the part in something a little more like this:

People keep asking me what it takes to be American so here is the inside scoop. First you have to fill out the intense application (do you remember every single time you left the country in the last five years?!?! well you better if you want to become a citizen) and swear that you are not a 'habitual drunkard' (hope they don't count college ;-)) and are not part of a terrorist party. Then you have to read out loud a sentence in English (mine was 'Who lives in the White House?') and then write a sentence in English (mine was 'The President lives in the White House'...and no I'm not joking). Then you have to answer 10 civics questions of which you only need to get 6 right...check em out, they're not that difficult. After that you're done!! Lots of paper work (and repeatedly swearing I was not a habitual drunkard) and it was all over...try and deport me now suckas! Just kidding :-) Glad my family is all Americanadians!

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