Exploring SF: Presidio Trails Part 3.5

I know I've written about it before but I thought I would do another plug for the fantastic Batteries to Bluffs trail right here in the city- but this time at night! Whenever I get a little bummed out or stressed or overwhelmed, I find that I feel better after I am around some source of water- rivers, lakes, rain, but especially the ocean. This year started out super crazy busy at work so I needed to decompress and figured what better way than by watching the sunset at Marshall's beach. So I grabbed a backpack for snacks, water and a jacket and headed out- only detail was I forgot to tell someone where I was going. Because that's a good call...alone at night wandering down a trail with no one else around you...fun times! I always forget about that until I'm alone and then all I can picture is a zombie from the Walking Dead jumping out at me and dragging my body into a ditch (should NOT have watched four seasons of that show so quickly...helloooo nightmares). A quick text later and that problem was solved...now on to the pictures!
Hopefully that inspired some people to check out this beautiful SF beach. Annnnnd creepy pic of this dude (Joseph Strauss) to wrap this post up :-)