Exploring SF: Presidio Trails Part 3

If you aren't already sick of my Golden Gate photos from other hikes here and here then you're in luck because I took a bunch more! Every time I do a walk along the coast and the weather is right (think: less fog more sun) I tune into my inner tourist and take an unbelievable amount of photos. This past Saturday I timed it right and had gorgeous views of the bridge. I headed out pretty late in the day (around 4) and walked over to Baker beach and then walked along the sand trying to find the Batteries to Bluffs trail since I neglected to find the trail head online before I left the house. I walked all the way along the beach towards where I thought the hike might start and managed to walk into the nude beach section. There was plenty of what you expected at a nude beach: confused tourists, naked sunbathing, naked reading and a fairly competitive game of naked volleyball. The problem in not knowing where the trail started was that I needed to look around to try and find it meaning I was doing my best to look for a trail and NOT stare directly at naked old men.
After a quick climb up some rocks for a bridge photo op (dodging tourists and a fully clothed couple taking wedding photos), I retraced my steps back and down the beach. Eventually I decided to take the sand trail which was straight uphill and eventually led into the California Coastal trail. From there I was able to find a map which led me to the  Batteries to Bluffs trail- for future reference if you start along the California Coastal trail you can avoid nakedness and a brutal uphill climb all together.

Now why did I pick this particular hike? Well the pics should be self explanatory but here's the official description:

Experience the wild western shoreline on the Batteries to Bluffs Trail. This rugged route takes visitors along the cliffs bordering the Pacific Ocean, allowing hikers to explore historic gun batteries, seeps and springs, coastal plants and wildlife, and stunning views. Take the spur trail to Marshall’s Beach, a quiet, isolated area surrounded by rocky serpentine cliffs with breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Try hiking this trail near the end of the day to enjoy a long sunset over the Pacific Ocean and the lights of the Golden Gate Bridge.

So it was a TON of steps  but a fairly quick hike- I wanted to spend more time at Marshall's beach (in the photo above) but I was getting hungry and just took a quick break there to enjoy the view and watch some pelicans flying around. This hike is one of the best ways to see the bridge (in my opinion) and should be a must see when our next out of town visitors come by the city. Can't wait to go again!

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