Exploring SF: Lands End

A few weeks ago my family came to the city to celebrate a big milestone in my brother's career. After an awesome party involving way too much wine (on my part) we spent the next day enjoying a beautiful sunny day in SF. It was our first time at the Cliff House where we enjoyed a fantastic late lunch before checking out the massively overrated camera obscura (save your $3).  Afterwards my brother decided he was up for a hike so we decided we would work up an appetite by walking to the Marina for dinner from Lands End. It's a pretty spectacular walk all along the cost with lots of little beaches and fun spots to check out. It was also my first time checking out the Sutro Baths in the almost 6 years I've been living here- pretty cool ruins to wander around but I'm bummed I missed out on seeing Sutro Sam.

After spending a bit of time climbing the ruins, we headed up towards the Lands End Lookout (didn't end up going inside) before heading along the Coastal Trail towards the Lands End trail. So many gorgeous lookout points (Lifesaving Station Overlook, Mile Rock Overlook, etc) however I missed out on the Eagle Point Labyrinth so I definitely will be back. Apparently at low tide you can see remnants of two shipwrecks along the coast so I'll need to do this hike again to see those.
When we got to Sea Cliffs, we were in desperate need of a break so found a gas station where we got water and trail mix before continuing on to Baker Beach. We picked up my favorite trail so that I could see Marshall's beach before continuing on down towards Crissy Field. By the time we hit Crissy Field our awesome hike plan started to seem less awesome but we persevered. It took over four hours but we finally limped our shivering and sore selves into a restaurant to shovel in some food before uber-ing home. It was a fun day and a beautiful hike but next time I think I will be a little more prepared and a little less hungover.

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