2 Canadians + 1 Americanadian + SF = Awesome

Continuing on my need to show all my Canadian friends how awesome SF is- aka part 2 of this craziness- I was SOOOO excited for Brit and Jac to come for a visit in March. I had a pretty intense itinerary planned out since I could only join them for 3 days before needing to go back to work so I tried to pack in some not-so-traditional tourist activities while we hung out. If you're planning a trip to the city or just looking to explore a little more here's what we were up to:

Day 1: Pacific Heights and The Presidio
  • Lunch at Delfina (broccoli raab and procsciutto pie with wine on the side mmm)
  • Walk through the Presidio via Lover's Lane with a detour to see The Wood Line
  • Headed through the main post and popped in the Walt Disney Family Museum to check out the gift shop (always my favorite part of any museum) before continuing on.
  • We headed down to Crissy field (passing the historic pet cemetery on the way) and walked up and under the Golden Gate bridge
  • Then we headed down my favorite Presidio trail (the batteries to bluffs trail) to Marshall's beach where we enjoyed the evening with some wine before the freezing wind had us packing up and heading for home
  • After giving ourselves some time to warm up we headed back out for a delish dinner at Out the Door before coming home and crashing hard- makes sense as I did make them walk almost 10 miles on their first day in the city (oopsie)

Day 2: The Mission, Hayes Valley and bad decisions (aka Butter)
  • We were up bright and early to check out the Mission (gift shop) before getting a morning breakfast of Bi Rite ice cream... soo good
  • Then we headed to Valencia street where I got my first Rebel Within at Craftsman and Wolves (its a soft boiled egg inside a muffin- whaaaaaat?!?!) and it was everything I thought it would be 
  • After working up an appetite wandering Valencia and checking out some favorite spots, I took the girls on a quick detour down Clarion alley where we saw a guy working on his street art before heading in search of food
  • I relied on my ever knowledgeable friend Paul to point me towards the best Mission taqueria and we had awesome (and cheap) burritos at La Taqueria which was packed!
  • Full of burrito goodness, we headed to Hayes Valley where we wanted to sit in the Biergarten. Unfortunately it was a gorgeous, sunny day in March...in SF...without a cloud in the sky...so umm yeeeaaaa there were way too many people there. So we checked out some of these stores before heading to the park by my house to enjoy the sun
  • Still full from burritos, we skipped dinner and opted to go straight to the magical place known as Butter where we danced, ate popcorn, took jello-shots, drank 40s and unfortunately ate a deep fried PB&J that I made myself (heavy on the chocolate sauce and sprinkles). Luckily the girls were able to convince me that eating that PB&J was a HORRIBLE idea and we got crepes from the stand outside where I also got to practice my french...so classy

Day 3: Nopa and naps
  • Got a little bit of a late start to day 3 but managed to make our way to an ah-mazing brunch at La Urbana- hellooooooo Micheladas!
  • Afterwards we did some shopping along Divis before grabbing ice cream at Bi Rite and hanging out in Alamo Square park in the sun...amazing way to spend a sunny Sunday
I love when people come to the city and I get to show it off...come visit any time :-) 

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  1. nice photos, as usual. And nicely timed 'Toyota' jumps