Yosemite vs Little Yosemite

It's been quiet on the blog for awhile as I've been off spending as much time outside as humanly possible this summer. Back in June I was lucky enough to head up to Yosemite for the weekend to celebrate Liz's birthday with a float down the river...so much fun!! Yosemite is one of my favorite places in California- I need to go there more often.

 Bonus points to Yosemite for having this cheeky little guy
 Also in June, my brother and I took my dad on a hike for Father's day in Sunol. Turns out this place is known as Little Yosemite. While it was a fun walk and beautiful in its own drought way (check out those 'golden' hills), I don't reeeeally see the Yosemite in it. Still it was a fun day (topped off with an awesome dinner at Baker & Banker- highly recommend btw) spent with my dad and little brother.

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  1. That photo with the barbed wire turned out great. As was the meal at B&B!