Bridesmaid-y August

August was wedding month 2014 for me as I was a bridesmaid in two awesome weddings. First up was former roomie Lindsey's (aka Twin) wedding in beautiful wine country. I took Friday off to make it a long weekend and joined her and her mom at the SF Flower Mart- omg that place is amazing!! So many beautiful flowers. After picking out some gorgeous flowers, we headed up to Healdsburg for the rehearsal. Lindsey's mom had rented an awesome house actually ON a vineyard (off Dry Creek Road) which was incredible and so peaceful. We picked up the bridal bouquet Saturday morning at Dragonfly Floral and then made a quick stop for Lindsey's official 'Bride' Starbucks cup. We had some time to kill before needing to get ready so obviously we had a mini photoshoot in the vineyard of the rental house.

Not too much later it was wedding time! We headed over to the venue, Michel-Schlumberger, to get our hair and makeup done and set up for the big day. It was a beautiful wedding and the weather was awesome. The venue is this pretty mission style house with a big beautiful outdoor courtyard where we had the reception. After dinner, lots of delish wine and dancing under the stars, we packed up and headed home (possibly the most fun drive home ever thanks to wonderful Lauren who was our DD and willing to put up with us drunkenly singing/screaming Iggy Azalea's Fancy repeatedly for over an hour).
Ashley's wedding was down in beautiful San Diego so I made it an extra long weekend and took an early flight on Friday and didn't leave until Monday. I was heading to La Jolla first to visit Elisabeth and Alex before starting wedding festivities, so I rented the cutest little yellow Fiat (named Fifi). I LOVED that car and had so much fun driving it around once I figured out that I had accidentally switched it to manual (being in the wrong gear is very loud- thanks for the problem solving Dad) and switched it back to automatic. La Jolla is beautiful! I had so much fun exploring the area and obviously spent plenty of time at the beach (along with the weird looking dead blue jellyfish). Elisabeth and I ate burritos while watching the sunset and then headed to the beach for a nighttime 'sit in the sand and catch up on life' sesh- so fun! The next morning we headed to Pannikin for some delish morning pastries before I headed over to meet the bridal party for the rehearsal.

On the day of the wedding we were up bright and early (trenta iced tea for the win!) to head over to the Maderas Golf Club where all the girls were getting ready. Ash got us cute robes and we sipped champagne and hung out while we all got our hair and makeup done in the bridal suite (which had a killer view of the canyon) before heading to the main venue. The ceremony was beautiful and I managed not to fall in my heels (two for two!) so afterwards I met Bus and Bridget out on the patio for cocktails and some epic photo taking- unfortunately most of them did not turn out as I refused to turn on the flash even though the sun had gone down and you could barely see (blame the wine for my stubbornness). We had a blast dancing the night away and it was so fun hanging out with my Davis girls- we don't see each other as often as we would like anymore so anytime we can all get together is a guaranteed good time.

The next morning I awoke with the sun and went for a brisk jog. Bhahahahahahaha right..that will  never be real life. I took a Buzzfeed quiz about if you're an early bird or a night owl- I'm not just a night owl, I am a strong owl. The next morning I limped out of bed, threw myself into the shower, aimed makeup application in the vicinity of my face and headed out to breakfast with Bus, Bridget and Lys since the non-SD girls had to head out to catch their flights early. Then we headed over to Ash and Josh's post-wedding brunch (crepe food truck!) at a house with an amazing view. I couldn't stay long as I had to catch my own flight not to much later. Great weekend in SD!
Two beautiful brides and two gorgeous and super fun weddings made for a great month! 

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