Summertime fun

So we've already covered where I went in May and in June so now it's onto July. Lucky for me that meant I had two awesome long weekends ahead of me.  First up was Ashley's bachelorette trip to Palm Springs. We got there a little early so I dragged some of the girls on a 105 degree excursion to check out some of the cool Palm Spring architecture. Then it was a weekend spent drinking (pint glass whiskey gingers like whaaaat), hanging out by the pool, dancing and just generally having an awesome time celebrating Ashley's upcoming wedding with all the girls. I've decided I'm NOT a Vegas girl however I love me some Palm Springs- you can convince me to head down there for a visit any time.

 Later in July, I headed up north for a family vacation- hadn't really had one of those in years! First up was a trip to the state capitol (pretty dome). Then the fam and I headed east to Angels Camp. It was an awesome long weekend spent eating good food, watching sunsets, stand up paddle boarding, hiking, swimming, antiquing (got some awesome stuff!) and above all, laughing until we cried. I highly recommend the ipad game Heads Up- holy crap does that make for a good time. Love my family.
Check out those big trees

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