A case of the Mondays

Seriously...how is it Monday again already ?!? Hope everyone had a good weekend...mine was full of sleeping, card making, googling, slutty brownie (layer of cookie dough, layer of oreo cookies and layer of brownie to top it off) eating, and celebrating my awesome mom via an epic picnic then dinner at Kokkari! Yumm! After a weekend like that, I'm really really not looking forward to Monday. Anyways here are some American links to help you get through the post-weekend blues:

I'm loving this site - for 100 days, this guy is taking well known objects and painting them white (to remove all branding) so that you can only see the shape...check it out and see how many you can name on just the shape alone. Pretty crazy...#32 totally made me want some.

So it turns out Abraham Lincoln was a vampire hunter...guess I didn't pay attention in history class ;-) Despite my obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer (seriously seriously loved that show...I wanted to BE her), I'm not planning on seeing this one...however Magic Mike is #1 on my must see movie list. I mean how could this not be a good thing?!? As my friend said 'its like the Step Up movie but with male strippers'...sounds like the best movie ever.

If you're thinking of driving across the country (I am- its #38 on the list) then you probably should put together this playlist.

Speaking of state songs, this rap about the 50 states and capitals is incredible...its just so slow jam-y. If you're trying to decide whether or not to listen, these are the lyrics for the chorus: '50 states got 50 capitals/ all around the country, man its transnational/ trying to list them all might sound irrational/ but you gotta start somewhere' ...you gotta start somewhere so true so true...fyi Juno is the boss. And to answer your question, yes I will be listening to this until I get these lyrics down- couldn't hurt to actually know this (yea educational rap!!)

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